• Main hub
  • Training Facility
  • Research Lab
  • Power Plant
  • Vehicle lot
  • Containment Facility
  • Armory
  • Living Facility
  • Modification Facility
  • Robotics Lab

Main hub

  • Main communication line for recon teams, other XCOM’s, and government personnel
  • Needed to order to manage other sectors
  • Determines how many sectors can exist, can be upgraded
  • Recruit workers

Training Facility

  • Create recruits
  • Train recon and combat soldiers

Research Lab

  • Requires Scientists to research
  • Can conduct experiments on SCPS
  • Can be upgraded to allow more scientists and more research
  • Research Map

Power Plant

  • Provides power for sectors that need power
  • Different versions provide more power

Vehicle lot

  • Determines number of vehicles can be stored, can be upgraded

Containment Facility

  • Determines amount scps can be contained, can be upgraded
  • Determines level of scps can be contained, can be upgraded
  • Requires monthly upkeep or risk of security breach


  • Allow equipment, weapons, and armour to be stored
  • Can create or order more equipment
  • Create new upgrades to equipment

Living Facility

  • Determines population limit, can be upgraded

Modification Facility

  • Can modify combat and recons soldiers through robotics, genetic modification, and psi powers

Robotics Lab

  • Create robotics, drones, and robots


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